What We Do
Civility in Action

What We Do

We foster civility, civil discourse, and civic engagement for the love of Sequim. Through a series of public conversations, workshops, and actions addressing a broad range of community issues, challenges, and opportunities, we help create a shared understanding of our potential as a community and the best ways to realize that potential.

Our goal is to help create common ground for understanding who and what we are as a community, a shared vision of a bright future, and a shared commitment to realizing our great potential as a community.

“…facilitating civil discourse and better collaboration”

“Conversations on Our Community” is an ongoing series of broad, inclusive conversations about our community, the challenges it faces, and the opportunities to pursue in making Sequim a more livable, lovable place for all. The foundation for all our discussions is civility—being respectful and courteous to our fellow citizens. Civil discourse is respectful conversation about issues even (especially) when we disagree.

The “Community Workshops” we support involve groups of individuals focused on a specific challenge or opportunity, and seeking to establish the common ground for engagement and action. We believe that productive cooperation and innovative collaboration are possible only through civil discourse.

“…striving to realize the tremendous potential that defines us as a community.”

Community Plus works with individuals, informal groups, and organizations on a wide rage of volunteer projects. Through our community conversations and workshops we help generate ideas, talk about how to turn those ideas into effective, efficient, productive plans and actions, and assist in creating a network of partners to make those projects successful.