Introducing US
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Introducing US

United Sequim (US) for Sequim Schools is a group that was formed following the Sequim Community Plus meetings that focused on how best to support and promote our schools. The desire to build more positive connections between the community and Sequim public schools and to provide meaningful recognition to teachers and staff brought together a small group of interested folks.

US for Sequim Schools

Playing, learning, growing–a community process.

A small, but active “steering group” has been meeting since December to define our vision and our mission, and to identify the kinds of project that would help accomplish our objectives.   Our initial planning is now behind us and we’re ready to work.

The US vision statement:

A diverse community dynamically engaged in providing quality and relevant education for all our children

Our mission statement:

To develop initiatives that will mobilize and positively connect our community to the value of a strong and resilient public school system that meets the education needs of the diverse students it serves.

US for Sequim Schools

Expanding, strengthening our networks

We’re looking for help from those who are interested in doing one (or both) of the following:

  • Participating in US as a member of our very active steering committee. We are beginning to explore more projects and ways in which we build community relations, support teachers and student in projects that would not otherwise occur. We need skills in marketing and expertise in education to supplement the skills we have. Meetings are monthly and members are expected to help in the development of pilot projects which may be the one the member brings to the group. We put work behind ideas.
  • Those who have experience or expertise they believe would be useful to the development of student groups or teacher projects, but don’t know how to contribute their expertise or, put another way, work with the system to bring the most value and least disruption. US would serve as a conduit and/or resource for the project.

US for Sequim SchooolsTo give you an example of how we work, the steering group, in discussing various ways to accomplish out goals, came up with the idea of creating opportunities for students to serve as observers or “interns” on boards of various community organizations. There are, of course, student representatives on the City Council and the School Board, and we thought an expansion of that idea would be beneficial to students, the organizations, and the community as a whole.

We then decided to launch a pilot program, working directly with the Sequim High School Leadership program teacher and faculty mentor. We now have his enthusiastic support, a group of students who’ve volunteered to be part of the pilot, and several community organizations, such as the Sequim Y and the Shipley Center, that have signed up to participate as well. Once the pilot is complete by Spring 2018, we hope to expand the program further and make it sustainable over the long term.


 If you or anyone you know is interested in participating—either as a member of the informal (but very active) steering group or on a specific project, email Bertha Cooper, who is serving as the US facilitator, for more information. Her email is You can also reach her by phone at 360-460-6000 (Sometimes, though, reception is spotty and a call will be dropped; if that happens just leave a message and Bertha will return your call.)

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