“Work in Place” in Sequim
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“Work in Place” in Sequim

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Work in Place Sequim

Work in Place Sequim is a project focused on adopting and adapting the innovative “work in place” employment approach to Sequim’s economic growth and business development needs.

“Work in Place” is a term that applies to employees or individuals who aren’t based exclusively in a central office, and include remote working, teleworking or telecommuting, and working in shared workspaces, from home, or other offsite locations.

Why is this relevant to our community? How can Sequim benefit from exploring such programs, adapting them to our location and circumstances, and adopting them here?

Here’s where the headlines really do tell the story, describing the “Skilled Worker Influx” in Portland, Maine and Portland, Oregon, or talking about Maine’s new economic strategy, “Lure Workers, Business Will Follow.”

Worldwide broadband adoption, stronger collaboration tools, and the growing desire for a more flexible labor market is dramatically changing the way we work. Attracting and retaining a labor pool that demands work flexibility is an imperative for businesses and industries that want to survive, let alone succeed.

And there’s a growing desire among skilled professionals to have options other than living in large, crowded urban areas.

“Work in Place” is an opportunity for Sequim to increase its pool of professional workers which, in turn, could fuel economic growth and business development. It’s a way to become a more vibrant, thriving community without sacrificing the things that make this place so special, so attractive.

Ankur Shah and Edward Unthank, in collaboration with the City of Sequim, are in the beginning stages of exploring how to make this happen, developing a coworking site they plan to open in December here in Sequim.

Coworking is in many ways an integral part of an effective work in place model because it provides the use of an office or other working environment for people who are self-employed or working for different employers, typically so as to share equipment, ideas, and knowledge..."the whole idea of coworking is to bring bright, creative people together and let the ideas collide."

If you’d like to learn more about the Work in Place project, become a partner in the effort, or volunteer to help formulate a plan, develop a strategy, and identify how our community can make the most of this exciting new opportunity, contact Ankur or Edward,and check out their website, clallamcoworking.com

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