“Work in Place” in Sequim
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“Work in Place” in Sequim

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Work in Place Sequim--COMPLETED

Work in Place Sequim is a project focused on adopting and adapting the innovative “work in place” employment approach to Sequim’s economic growth and business development needs.

“Work in Place” is a term that applies to employees or individuals who aren’t based exclusively in a central office, and include remote working, teleworking or telecommuting, and working in shared workspaces, from home, or other offsite locations.

Thanks to Ankur Shah and Edward Unthank, in collaboration with the City of Sequim, our community is now joining others across the nation that are exploring, and creating innovative ways to attract skilled workers and offering their employers new options for building and sustaining high performance teams, and retaining the best talent in highly demanding, competitive industries. "Work in Place" solutions like Callam Coworking can help grow the local economy without sacrificing the quality of life we value--the one that is so attractive to young professionals who love their work, but not so much the hassles of "big city" living.

There's much more that can be done, but with Ankur, Ed, and the City taking the lead, CommunityPlus sees this as a "completed" project--one that has been adopted and is being implemented by community innovators and entreprenuers. Clallam Coworking, a "work in place" facility located on the second floor of the Olympic Commons building at 502 South Still Road.