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Whimsy Park

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Whimsy Park Project--COMPLETED

The Whimsy Park Project has been completed. The vacant lot at 130 East Washington Street is now a temporary public park with a mural--an "Art Wall"--on, exterior of the adjoining property at 128 East Washington. Maintaining the park and holding events and other community gatherings will now be the focus of the project and the "Friends of Whimsy Park."

What if you could replace a vacant lot with a park, and turn an ugly dark blue wall into a display of art? That’s what Ken started wondering about the space on East Washington Street between Jose’s and the Rusting Rooster, and the exterior wall of Jose’s.

After a workshop that Love Where You Live author Peter Kageyama conducted here in May 2016, when he talked about the benefits of small “pop-up” parks—small, temporary little oases created on downtown streets to make them more attractive, Ken decided to take the idea a couple steps further.

So he talked to the lot’s owner, Bill Littlejohn, Dr. Diana Thompson-Young, who owns the building with the blue wall, and to Jose Garcia, the owner of Jose’s Famous Salsa restaurant now occupying the building. He proposed turning the lot into a park—at least temporarily—and transforming the wall into a combination mural, art gallery, and projection screen for movies in the park, and doing all that by getting contributions of materials, labor, and talent. They each agreed, and the project got going!

And now Whimsy Park is a reality!

Work on the park itself is now complete, but Whimsy will continue to evolve. And you can be a part of that by joining the "Friends of Whimsy Park!" Just contact Ken to learn how.”

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