Sequim Youth Summit
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Sequim Youth Summit

Sequim Youth Summit

The Sequim Youth Summit is a high-level meeting involving community leaders and youth representatives. It will explore options and offer recommendations for making our community an even better place for kids to thrive.

The City of Sequim, through its new Youth Services Task Force, is exploring a range of youth-focused community initiatives and programs. The principle goal of the Task Force is to identify and assess how such efforts can best improve the lives of young people in our community—how Sequim can be a better, safer, more nurturing place for children and adolescents to grow, mature, and have opportunities to realize their full potential.

One of those initiatives is a high level meeting—a summit—bringing together young people and leaders from all parts of the community to discuss the challenges we face and the opportunities worth pursuing to make Sequim a truly great place for children and adolescents. The goal of the Youth Summit would be to create a shared vision and recommendations for how to make that happen.

When Peter Kageyama, the author of Love Where You Live, and For the Love of Cities, held a workshop here in Sequim last May, he talked about how to identify and deepen the emotional connection people felt to their city, their community. That sense of loving where you live is just as important for children and adolescents as it is for adults; people of all ages need to feel that connection in order to grow, to prosper—to see potential and make it real. It may even be more important, because loving where you live as you’re growing up gives you the foundation for making that connection elsewhere as an adult.

The Sequim Youth Summit is a central part of defining what that foundation is for the youth in our community, how to strengthen it, and how to use that foundation to make life here better for all the kids. It is also a crucial—and exciting—first step in developing a new “partnership” between our community and those who are most important to our community’s future—the young.

If you’d like to share this excitement, just get in touch with one of the originators. We’d love to have you on the team!