Sequim Youth Cycling League–“SYCL”
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Sequim Youth Cycling League–“SYCL”

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Sequim Youth Cycling League

Sequim Youth Cycling League, or "SYCL", is a proposed project focused on creating a structured bicycle training program for kids (and their families) that will teach them and help them develop cycling knowledge and skills as a means to lifelong fitness and health. The program will be developed and administered in close partnership with the Sequim Y and the Sequim School District.

What if you could get kids and their parents interested in bicycling as a physical activity they could all do together? Could you have a cycling program designed to introduce kids to cycling as a sport, help them train and get in shape, give them a big goal to reach and then help them achieve it?

In other words, what if you could give kids the chance to take a skill most already have and turn it into a life-long way to stay fit and healthy? Those are the questions that came to mind when the new Sequim Y opened with a bank of stationary or “spin” bikes along the gym wall.

The Sequim-Dungeness region is a great place to ride a bicycle and cyclists from out of town come here often for the beautiful views, the flat or gently rolling roads and trails where you can easily find far more challenging terrain, and of course for the weather because it’s typically drier and milder year-round than most other places nearby. We have an abundance of good road biking routes and mountain biking trails that allow cyclists to explore the immediate area for hours—or days—at a time, or venture all across the North Olympic Peninsula and beyond.

Most kids know how to ride a bike—they learn when they’re, well, kids. And riding a bike is fun! But few of them know much about cycling as sport, or the challenges and rewards of becoming a really skilled rider. Fewer still (very few most likely) think about “bike riding” as a way to get and stay fit and healthy as they grow up.

The idea behind the SYCL project is simple, but it’s a big one: create a program to introduce kids to cycling as a sport—a structured physical activity—help them develop into skilled riders, give them a goal they’ll have to work hard to achieve, and provide the coaching and mentoring to help them get there.

SYCL [it can stand on its own or be considered the shorthand for either Sequim Youth Cycling League or Sequim Y Cycling League] will be getting started very soon. It will be developed and implemented in partnership with the Sequim Y and the Sequim School District among others.

If you’re an experienced cyclist who’d like to be part of this effort, please contact Ken—we need you to make this successful!