Promoting Our Schools
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Promoting Our Schools

Promoting Our Schools

Promoting Our Schools is a project focused on recognizing and celebrating the strengths of our public schools—the dedication, skills, and accomplishments of our faculty and staff. This project is intended to explore options and implement plans for publicizing the positive aspects of our district, strengthening the connection between the schools and the community as a whole, and generating a better informed, more inclusive dialogue about how best to improve the quality of education in our local schools.

The Sequim School District has some great faculty and staff. In many cases, however, their accomplishments often get little recognition or appreciation in the broader community, even though the impact of their efforts is extensive and significant.

When we talk about the quality of education in our community the discussion often focuses, correctly, on the challenges confronting our school district. What if, by contrast, we first looked at the strengths of our schools? What if we started by recognizing and celebrating the dedication of those faculty and staff and the effect they have on the community as a whole?

Communities of all sizes across the country have found or created ways to acknowledge the contributions made by teachers and staff in their local schools.

Based on input from community conversations and workshops, this project will examine options, develop programs, and hold events to show our appreciation for excellence as a measure of educational quality.

If you’d like to learn more about Promoting Our Schools, become a partner in the effort, or volunteer to help plan and hold events to recognize and celebrate excellence among our district’s faculty and staff, contact Ken!

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