Who We Are
People Make The Difference

Our Core Team

We like to think the Community Plus “team” consists of anyone interested in making our community an even better place for everyone to live and prosper by engaging in open, respectful, civil discussion and focusing on realizing the tremendous potential we have as a community.

The core team behind this effort, however, is a small group of individuals dedicated to fostering civility and civil discourse as the only way to meet challenges, solve problems, and create new opportunities that benefit everyone in our community.

We come from widely varied backgrounds. One of us has had a life-long love affair with the Sequim-Dungeness Valley, while the rest have only recently—within the last few years—come to share the joy and wonder of living here. All of us, though, share a commitment to civic engagement, a firm conviction that civility and civil discourse are essential to any community, and a deep, abiding love for this special place.

Kendall Casey

Kendall Casey is a retired electrical engineer who likes math and computer programming, music (classical organ and Hawaiian slack-key guitar), and motorcycles. He would like to see Sequim develop as a home for high-tech business activity and is thus very supportive of our schools. He also believes that a free university would be a great asset for our community.

As individuals, as a community, we should never stop expanding our horizons…ever.

Patricia Cavanaugh-Casey

Patricia Cavanaugh-Casey has over 30 years' experience teaching business and computer applications at the college level and has provided computer training through her consulting company to companies in both the private and public sectors, from General Electric employees to welfare recipients and all demographics in between. She believes that such training could provide new avenues to employment for a good segment of Sequim's population.

Being a community is doing something meaningful together.

Virginia O’Neil

Virginia O’Neil and her husband Conn live in a home they built for their three girls along the Dungeness River. For the past 22 years she has served on multiple boards for both Clallam County and Sequim. She believes that good conversation and finding common ground are the keys to a shared vision and a strong sense of community.

When we make Sequim better, we make ourselves better.

Karen Rozbicki Stringer

Karen Rozbicki Stringer is a fine art photographer. After 30 years as a foreign affairs analyst and HR specialist in Washington, D.C., she pursues art and exhibits it at the Blue Whole Gallery in Sequim while enjoying the chances to explore the environs of the "forever" home she and husband Ken purchased in 2005.

Dream it, do it…we live here!

Ken Stringer

Ken Stringer is a retired analyst and business consultant who has worked on a wide range of public and private sector issues locally, nationally, and internationally. He currently serves on the Advisory Board for the Sequim Y, and as one of an informal group advising the Superintendent of the Sequim School District.

Civility begins with us…each of us