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Friends of Whimsy Park

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The Partners Who Made Whimsy Happen

Whimsy Park is looking for a few (more) good friends!

Transforming a vacant lot into a park was a true community effort with a lot of help from a legion of “friends” who contributed their time, money, and labor to make Whimsy happen in Sequim.

To help Whimsy become a really great place to gather and have fun, though, CommunityPlus is creating an informal group, “Friends of Whimsy Park,” to plan and coordinate activities, assist with maintenance, and support its continued “whimsical” evolution.

Become a “Friend of Whimsy Park,” and be in great company among great friends!

From the vey start, Whimsy Park was intended as a place where various events could take place to bring the community together—a place where families and kids of all ages could hear some great music, see a movie, enjoy an arts and crafts fair, get a “Taste of Sequim,” or other activities designed to make people smile, laugh, sing, dance, or otherwise have fun and enjoy the heart of Sequim.

Sometimes that can, indeed, happen on a whim: a musician or a group just takes to the “stage” in the park, starts performing, and attracts an audience; neighbors decide to have an impromptu family picnic in the park.

But to keep the park in good shape and to encourage, plan, and coordinate more organized events like concerts or movies requires some preparation and at least a bit of structure to the effort.

So we’re looking for volunteers—“Friends of Whimsy Park”—to help make that happen.

What, exactly, would a “Friend of Whimsy Park” do? Well, in part it depends on you and what you’d like to take on. For instance:

  • You want to come down to the park every couple of weeks or so and help pull weeds, maybe put in some new plants, rake the mulch, empty the trash cans or otherwise just “clean and straighten” the grounds. That’s great! We definitely need friends willing to do that!
  • You’d like to be involved in developing events for the park—reaching out to performing artists, helping secure permission to pay music or show movies, coordinating the planning and logistics for events. Wonderful! We can certainly use help in these areas!
  • You think the park needs more picnic tables, chairs, and benches and you want to help make that happen. Super! Donations and contributions of such things—or facilitating their purchase–would be a great way to help Whimsy Park become a real community gathering place!
  • You don’t really have time to devote to the kinds of involvement listed above, but you’d be happy to provide a financial contribution to help accomplish them. Well…we won’t say no. Whimsy Park can benefit from any and all financial contributions!

And just how does one become a “Friend of Whimsy Park?”

That’s easy! Just contact us, let us know how you’d like to help, and together we’ll figure it out!

Sign on as one of the “Friends of Whimsy Park!” You’ll be in great company among great friends!

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