Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page. Hopefully you’ll find the answer to your question, but in case you don’t, just ask us directly by sending an email to info@sequimcommunityplus.com.

Please include an email address and a phone number in the text of your email to ensure a prompt reply.

1What do you mean by the “Sequim ‘community?’” Is it just the city of Sequim?
The “Sequim community” is the greater Sequim-Dungeness Valley area. If we had to define a “boundary” it would be pretty much the same as the Sequim School District—so it does extend well beyond the limits of the City of Sequim.

Our community, however, isn’t an island unaffected by what happens beyond particular geographic or jurisdictional boundaries. So while our focus is on the issues and concerns most directly or immediately affecting us as members of the community of Sequim and the Dungeness Valley, we’re mindful of the fact that, in many ways, we share similar problems and have common aspirations with other communities on the North Olympic Peninsula—as well as with other small cities, towns and regions across the nation.
2Are you a not-for-profit organization?
We are a not-for-profit group that may, one day, organize formally as a 501(c)(3) organization, but we have not taken that step yet. If and when we do, we will make the announcement here on the website.
3Are you affiliated with any political organization or party?
No. We are, and will remain, non-partisan and unaffiliated with any political party or organization.
4How do I become a member?
By participating in the periodic ‘Conversations on Our Community” we sponsor and conduct, or otherwise becoming involved in any of the many projects, workshops, or initiatives you’ll find mentioned here on our site. Membership in Community Plus is less important than your own individual commitment to civility, civil discourse, and civic engagement for the love of Sequim.
5Where does your funding come from?
Any funds we receive at present are from the individual monetary donations of the core team and others. Unless and until we become a recognized 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, no contributions or donations to CommunityPlus are tax-deductible.
6Are you associated with local government?
No. We are a private entity—an informal group of individual citizens. We work closely with the City of Sequim, Clallam County, and the Sequim School District in pursuit of various projects and programs to make our community stronger and better, but we are not part of those governmental bodies.
7Who decides what projects Community Plus pursues?
As a small, informal group, CommunityPlus doesn’t undertake projects on its own. We help others identify, create, develop, initiate, and work on projects—whether their own or in support of other groups.

The “Conversations on Our Community” that we periodically conduct, the Guest Opinion columns we publish in the Sequim Gazette, and blog entries here on the website are meant to spur creative thinking and innovative approaches to addressing community issues. Through focused workshops and this website, our goal is to enhance cooperation and collaboration in planning and pursuing a wide array of projects.