A strong community is vibrant, resilient and thriving. It's a place that marshals its resources in imaginative ways, is open and inclusive, and finds innovative approaches to meet challenges and make new opportunities.

A strong sense of community is what makes a neighborhood, town or city vibrant, resilient and thriving. It's the shared appreciation of why the people in that community love where they live. It's the key ingredient for becoming and remaining a strong community.

Civility, Civil Discourse, and Community Engagement for the love of Sequim



Making New Connections - Bringing People Together

Community Plus cultivates a stronger community and sense of community in Sequim by fostering civility, civil discourse, and greater civic engagement. We believe that through broad, inclusive, conversations based on the principles of civility, we can help generate a shared understanding of who we are as a community and a shared vision of how we can make this place we love even better.

Invest In The Sequim Community


Community Plus focuses on improving the community through contribution and involvement. Have a look at these important projects and consider joining in. We'd love to have you contribute your unique perspective, skills and passion to make Sequim even better!
    Civic Engagement is the foundation of every vibrant community


    Through our public “Conversations on Our Community” that cover a variety of topics, to our workshops focused on specific issues, to various collaborative initiatives and projects, we help in the creation of an even more livable, lovable Sequim where all can grow and prosper.

    C ommunity Plus sponsors, supports, or conducts a wide range of efforts that generally fall into one of these categories: arts and music, economic growth and business development, educational quality, or community social issues (such as homelessness, drug addiction, health, poverty).

    Our “Conversations on Our Community,” address core themes and ideas about what makes Sequim special, what we share as a community, and the great potential that makes a bright future possible.

    Through broader, more inclusive collaboration on workshops and projects, we help marshal resources more effectively, and advance ideas from talk to successful action.

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    Civil Discourse is the lifeblood of civic engagement


    Civil discourse can be lively, engaging, passionate—even widely divergent, strongly held views can be discussed reasonably. We embrace and encourage a positive, optimistic—yet realistic—perspective, and the exploration of issues with an eye to finding solutions, exploring opportunities, seeking creative, innovative approaches.